Is It Reportable?

Is It Reportable imageA supervisory practitioner is named in an action based on the services of a subordinate practitioner, and payments are made for the benefit of the supervisor and the subordinate. How should the payments be reported to the NPDB?

Separate reports must be submitted for the supervisory and subordinate practitioners. The report on the supervisory practitioner should be submitted using the same malpractice claim description code used in the subordinate practitioner's payment report. The reporting entity should use the narrative description to explain that the supervisory practitioner was named based on the subordinate practitioner's services.

Self-Query Upload Enhancement

Practitioner imageAs of May 24, 2016, practitioners may upload electronic copies of their notarized Self-Query identification verification forms to the NPDB. Previously, practitioners needed to mail the original, notarized forms to the NPDB. This feature saves time, paper, and postage because the files are received immediately by the NPDB. Once received, Self-Queries are processed within two business days.

Self-Query forms that are uploaded to the NPDB must still be properly signed and notarized -- and the image in the electronic copy must be clear and readable -- in order for the Self-Query to be completed. Practitioners may still mail the original notarized form if they are unable to use the upload feature. The NPDB accepts files saved in .pdf, .jpg, .gif, and .png formats.

If you or your organization provides instructions to practitioners regarding the Self-Query process, please update your instructions to reflect this enhancement.

Expanded Attestation Initiative

Organization imageThe NPDB is expanding attestation, a process already used by state licensing boards that report to the NPDB. Attestation is an education and outreach effort designed to ensure that all of our users understand how and when to report to and query from the NPDB. This campaign will have a phased rollout, with each phase focused on collaboration with one of our partners: health centers, hospitals, medical malpractice payers, and health plans. Current plans for attestation have the process occurring every two years, with an entity's scheduled registration renewal. The NPDB hopes to begin attestation with health centers in the fall of 2016.

What does attestation involve?

NPDB will ask each registered entity (that is authorized to report) to submit an electronic form, acknowledging that the entity:

  1. Understands the requirements for reporting, according to applicable laws and regulations; and
  2. Has submitted all reports that meet those requirements for the previous two years.

What is my entity required to report?

Each entity that is authorized to register with the NPDB has different reporting and querying requirements. As part of the outreach effort, the NPDB will develop materials with helpful information specific to that entity's reporting requirements, including:

  • Technical assistance webinars;
  • Entity-specific webpages;
  • Visuals, such as infographics;
  • Webinars and in-person presentations; and
  • Other outreach efforts specifically targeted to that entity type.

These materials will be available well before attestation is scheduled to begin.

What if my entity doesn't attest?

Attestation is meant to be an educational process and is intended to be an opportunity for the NPDB to reach out to its user community. We will follow up with entities that do not submit their attestation form, and educate and inform them as to the NPDB entity participation requirements. We do ask that you consider the value of NPDB reports in hiring and credentialing decisions. Knowing a practitioner has a report in the NPDB does not mean that he or she isn’t qualified – but it does provide additional information to guide your entity in making the best decisions.

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