NPDB Guide to Reporting Criminal Convictions

Reporting Criminal Convictions Infographic. Text only version below.

NPDB Guide to Reporting Criminal Convictions

Before Submitting:

Are you a federal or state prosecutor involved in a case which a health care practitioner, provider or supplier was convicted?

A criminal conviction against a health care practitioner, provider, or supplier is reportable when it is related to the delivery of a health care item or service and includes any of the following:

  • A judgment or conviction that has been entered against an individual or entity in a Federal, State, or local court, regardless of whether an appeal is pending or the conviction or other record relating to criminal conduct has been expunged
  • When an individual or entity has entered into participation in a first offender, deferred adjudication, or other arrangement or program where conviction has been withheld
  • A plea of guilty or nolo contendere by an individual or entity that has been accepted by a Federal, State, or local court
  • A finding of guilt against an individual or entity that is made in a Federal, State, or local court

Health care-related injunctions must also be reported.

Submit an Initial Adverse Action Report within 30 days of when the action was taken

Report Modifications (when needed):

The NPDB notifies the subject of the report when the report is submitted, and when any of these modifications are made.

  • Did you organization take an action that modifies or relates to a previously reported action (including reinstatements)? If yes, Submit a Revision to Action report.
  • Did your organization determine there is an error or omission in a previously submitted report? If yes, submit a Correction Report.
  • Was it determined that an action should not have been reported because:
    • The report was erroneously submitted?
    • The action is not reportable?
    • The action was revered or overturned?
    These are the only reasons for which a report may be voided.
  • Did a practitioner appeal a previously reported action? Submit a Notice of Appeal