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Information for Attorneys

On this page you will find details about what information legal counsel may access in the NPDB (and how), as well as what makes a criminal conviction or civil judgment reportable to the NPDB.

Self-Query Resources for Defendant Practitioners

Resources for Federal and State Attorneys and Prosecutors

Plaintiff's Attorneys and Plaintiffs Representing Themselves

Defense Attorneys

What is Reportable?

Refer to our Guide for Reporting Health Care Related Criminal Convictions and Civil Judgments (PDF - 267 KB | HTML) flowchart for a visual guide to what information attorneys must report to the NPDB. Our Judgment or Conviction Reporting information page contains details about your responsibilities for reporting state health care-related prosecutions and civil judgments to the NPDB. You may also expand and collapse summaries of when to report criminal convictions and civil judgments, below.


The information obtained from the NPDB on the practitioner can be used only with respect to a legal action or claim against the hospital, not against the practitioner. Any further disclosure or use violates the confidentiality provisions of Title IV and subjects the plaintiff's attorney and/or the plaintiff pro se to a civil monetary penalty of up to $11,000 per incident.