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About Responding to Reports

If you or your health care organization is the subject of a report in the NPDB, you may:

  • Add a statement to your report at any time, to provide any additional information you would like included with the report.
  • Initiate a dispute. At any time, the subject of a report may dispute the report and enter the report into Dispute Status to disagree with either the factual accuracy of the report or whether the report was submitted in accordance with NPDB reporting requirements. Once the report has been entered into Dispute Status, the subject of a report may choose to take no further action, withdraw the report from Dispute Status, or elevate the report to Dispute Resolution. Entering the report into Dispute Status does not trigger a review of the report by the NPDB.

    You must contact the reporting entity and attempt to resolve the dispute directly. Once a report is placed in dispute, the reporting health care organization can correct the report, void the report, or choose to leave the report unchanged. If after 60 days you have received no response from the reporting entity, or you are unsatisfied with the response you received, you can elevate the case to Dispute Resolution.

When you add a statement and/or dispute to a report, it is disclosed to the reporting entity listed in Section A of the report, all queriers who have received a copy of the report during the past three years, and to those who receive the report in the future.