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Register Your Organization

Is your organization new to the NPDB? In order to query or report to the NPDB, your organization must first determine whether or not it is eligible under federal regulations. This can best be determined by reviewing Chapter B: Eligible Entities of the NPDB Guidebook.

What will I need to register?

  • Your organization's Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  • A Data Bank administrator, who is an individual from your organization, responsible for managing and accessing the organization's account.
  • A Certifying Official, who is an individual selected and empowered by your organization to certify the legitimacy of registration for participation in the NPDB (can be the same person as the Data Bank administrator).

Ready to start? Select an option for your organization

Register as an Authorized Agent

If your organization will query or report on behalf of another
organization. Learn More

Register as a Health Care Organization

If your organization is eligible to query and/or report the NPDB.

If you need to order a search for your own information or your organization's information in the NPDB, go to Self-Query Home.