Data Analysis Tool


This Data Analysis Tool allows you to generate data sets for NPDB Adverse Action Reports (AAR) and Medical Malpractice Payment Reports (MMPR) submitted on practitioners for the years 1990 through 2016.

The user can choose either the Adverse Action or Medical Malpractice tab and select criteria from the row and column drop down boxes to begin creating customized tables.

The user can further refine the selection criteria to create more specific results by clicking the filter box (provided directly under the row and column selection boxes) and choosing additional criteria.

You can download your output to .XLS.

Data Use Agreement

Note: This file does not include any information that identifies individual practitioners or reporting entities. The file is designed to provide data for statistical reporting and analysis only.

Federal law (42 U.S.C. § 11137(b)) requires HRSA to present the data in this file in a form that does not permit use of the data alone, or in combination with other available information, to identify any particular health care entity, physician, other health care practitioner, or patient. Therefore, as a condition of obtaining access to the data, users agree:

  1. To not use the dataset alone or in combination with other data to identify any individual or entity or otherwise link information from this file with information in another dataset in a manner that includes the identity of an individual or entity;
  2. The dataset can only be used in connection with statistical reporting or analysis.

By using these data, you signify your agreement to comply with the conditions stated above.