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How do I upload my Self-Query form?

Once your Self-Query form is notarized, follow these steps to upload it electronically:

  1. Save an electronic version of your notarized form. Be sure to include all pages of the Self-Query form.
  2. Go to the Self-Query home page and sign in to your Self-Query order.
  3. On the Your Orders page, select your Self-Query order ID number.
  4. On the View/Modify Order page, find the section labeled Upload Your Files, and select Choose File to Upload.
    Note: Your Self-Query upload is complete when it reaches 100%.
  5. Select your notarized Self-Query file(s) to upload. Please allow one business day for your Self-Query form to be reviewed.

Note: If you verified your identity online, you do not need to have the Self-Query notarized, and you do not need to upload or mail anything to the NPDB.

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