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How do I get my Self-Query notarized?

In order to make sure your Self-Query is notarized correctly, follow these guidelines:

Before going to a notary

  • Print out your notary identity form, making sure all sections are visible and legible.
  • Make sure the order ID on your notary form matches what is in the NPDB system. You can verify this by logging in to your Self-Query order on the NPDB website.
  • Double check all credit card information is correct.

When having your Self-Query notarized

  • The notary must fill out all sections of the form, including name, signature, and notary seal or stamp.
    Note: The notary seal or stamp must be sufficiently visible in the documents you upload to the NPDB system. If necessary, the notary can use a pencil to shade an embossed seal.
  • The commission expiration date for the notary must be visible and valid. If the commission does not expire, it must be noted with "N/A."
  • You must sign the form, along with the notary.
    Note: The dates of your signature and the notary's signature must match.

Using a Remote Online Notary?

The NPDB accepts and encourages the use of remote online notarization, formerly known as e-notary services. If you are using a remote online notary, all of the above information still applies. You must also make sure that your document shows that it was notarized using two way audio and visual communications.

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