Reporting Compliance Status by Profession

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List of Professions


Accounts Payable Clerk
Accounts Rep
Activities Asst
Activity Assistant
Activity Director
Acupuncture Assistant
Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist
Acupuncture Intern
Addictions Counselor
Admissions Director
Adult Care Facility Administrator
Advance Emergency Medical Technician
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT)
Advanced Emt
Advanced Emt (Aemt)
Advanced Practice Nurse
Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
Advanced Unlicensed Assistant
Aemt Applicant
Alcohol And Drug Counseling Aide
Alcohol And Drug Counselor
Alcohol And Drug Counselor (Temporary)
Ambulance Attendant
Anesthesiologist Assistant
Anesthesiologist Assistants
Applicant - Ems Instructor
Applied Behavior Analyst
Applied Behavior Analysts
Aprn Controlled Substance
Art/Recreation Therapist
Assistant Physician
Assisted Living Facility Administrator
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
Associated Nurse
Athletic Trainer
Auricular Detoxification Therapist
Authorization To Administer Injectables
Basic X-Ray Machine Operator
Behavior Analysis
Behavior Analyst
Behavior Analysts
Behavior Analysts/Assistant Behavior Analysts
Behavior Specialist
Behavioral Analyst
Behavioral Health - Addiction, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Professions
Behavioral Health - Marriage and Family Therapists
Behavioral Health - Mental Health Counselors
Behavioral Health - Other Behavioral Health Related Professions
Behavioral Health - Professional Counselors
Behavioral Science
Billing And Accts Rec Clerk
Business Manager
Business Office Manager
Business Owner
Care Associate
Ce Instructor
Ce Instructor Applicant
Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor
Certified Alcohol And Drug Counselor
Certified Assistant Administrator (Ltc Or Nursing Facility)
Certified Associate Counselor-Alcohol And Drug
Certified Behavior Technician
Certified Chiropractic Assistant
Certified Chiropractic Physician Assistant
Certified Clinical Supervisor
Certified Diabetes Educator
Certified Dialysis Technician
Certified Hemodialysis Technician
Certified Hemodialysis Technician Certificate
Certified Massage Technician
Certified Medication Assistant
Certified Medicine Aide
Certified Nurse Aide/Certified Nursing Assistant
Certified Nurse Assistant Applicant
Certified Public Accountants
Certified Recovery Support Worker
Certified Rehabilitation Practitioner
Certified or Qualified Medication Aide
Chemical Dependency Professional
Chiropractic Assistant
Chiropractic Business Entity
Chiropractic Technician
Chiropractic X-Ray Technician Registration
Chiropractic X-Ray Technologist
Chropractic Technician
Clincial Substance Abuse Counselor
Clinical Counselor
Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Clinical Exercise Physiology
Clinical Laboratory Personnel
Clinical Laboratory Personnel - Generalist
Clinical Laboratory Personnel - Technician
Clinical Laboratory Personnel-Laboratory Assistant
Clinical Laboratory Personnel-Phlebotomist
Clinical Laboratory Scientist-Generalist
Clinical Laboratory Scientist-Phlebotomist
Clinical Laboratory Technician
Clinical Professional Counselor
Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Social Work Intern
Clinical Social Worker
Clinical Social Worker Intern
Clinical Supervisor
Clinical Supervisor in Training
Cna Applicant
Community Health Educator
Community Health Worker
Community Residential Care Facility Admin.
Consultant Pharmacist
Consumer Counselor
Contact Lens Dispenser
Controlled Substance (Podiatry)
Controlled Substance License
Controlled Substance Registration
Corporate Officer
Crematory Operator
Ddca-Developmentally Disabled Certified Assistant
Deep Thermal Agents Certification
Dental Enteral Conscious Sedation
Dental Hygiene Therapist
Dental Radiographer
Dental Radiography
Dental Technology
Developmental Specialist
Dialysis Patient Care Technician
Dialysis Technician
Dialysis Technician Applicant
Dialysis Technician I
Dialysis Technician Intern
Dietary Aide
Dietary Manager
Dietitian/Nutritionist Combined
Dispensing Optician
Dispensing Practitioner
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Drug Offender Education Instructor
EMT, Basic
EMT, Cardiac/Critical Care
EMT, Intermediate
EMT, Paramedic
Educational Psychologist
Emergency Medical Dispatch
Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Emergency Medical Responder
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
Emergency Medical Responder Applicant
Emergency Medical Responder Certification
Emergency Medical Responder/First Responder
EMT, Intermediate/Critical Care
Emergency Medical Services Instructor
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
Emr Student
Emr, Advanced Emt
Ems Instrcutor
Ems Instructor
Emt - Advanced
Emt Applicant
Emt I/85
Emt Instructor
Emt Instructor Certificate
Emt, Advanced
Emt, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
Emt, Aemt
Emt, Emr, Paramedic
Emt, Intermediate
Emt-First Responder
Environmental Health Specialist
Expanded Function Dental Assistant
Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary
Eye & Vision Serv.Practitioner-Optical Laboratory Technician
Eye and Vision Service Practitioner
Financial Consultant
First Responder
First Responder Certification
Flight Nurse
Fluoroscopy Technician
Fluoroscopy Technologist
Funeral Director And Embalmer
Genetic Counselor
Genetic Counselors
Health Care Aide/Direct Care Worker
Health Care Assistant
Health Care Facility Adm.- Health Services Administrator
Health Care Facility Administrator
Health Care Technician
Hearing Aid (or Instrument) Specialist, Dealer, Dispenser or Fitter
Hearing Aid Dispenser
Hearing Instrument Specialist
Hemodialysis Technician
Home Care Administrator
Home Health Aide (Homemaker)
Home Health Aide (Homemaker)/Health Care Aide/Direct Care Worker
Home Services
Hospital Administrator
Housekeeper / Janitor
Hr Director
Hypnotherapist Registration
Imh-Register Mental Health Counselor Intern
In Person Counselor
Independent Living Instructor
Independent Mental Health Practitioner
Insurance Agent/Broker
Insurance Broker
Insurance Navigator
Laboratory Assistant
Legally Unlicensed Care Home Provider
Legally Unlicensed Health Care Provider
Licensed Alcohol And Drug Counselor
Licensed Anesthesiologist Assistant
Licensed Assistant Behavior Analyst
Licensed Behavior Analyst
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licensed Hearing Instrument Dispenser
Licensed Lactation Care Provider
Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist
Licensed Masters Social Worker
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Licensed Mental Health Technician
Licensed Midwife
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate
Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider
Licensed Social Work Associate - Bachelor
Licensed Social Worker
Licensed Social Worker- Advanced Generalist
Licensed Social Worker-Administrative Specialty
Licensed Specialist In School Psychology
Limited Radiographer
Limited X-Ray Machine Operator
Limited X-Ray Machine Operator (LXMO)
Limited X-Ray Machine Operator-Limited To Bone Densitometry
Limited X-Ray Machine Operator-Limited To Podiatry
Limited X-Ray Operator
Long-Term Care Administrator
Long-Term Care Or Nursing Home Administrator
Mail Order Ophthalmic Provider
Maintenance Director
Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist Applicant
Massage Therapist Apprentice
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy Applicant
Massage Therapy Establishment
Massage Therapy Until Program Transfer In September 2017
Massage/Bodywork Therapist
Masters Level Psychologist
Medical Assistant
Medical Doctor Expert Witness Certificate
Medical Laboratory Special Analyst
Medical Laboratory Supervisor
Medical Micropigmentologist
Medical Nutrition Therapist
Medical Physicist
Medical Radiographer
Medical Responder/Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Medical X-Ray Operator
Medical or Clinical Lab Technician/Technologist
Medical or Clinical Laboratory Technician
Medication Aide
Medication Technician
Mental Health Counselor Intern
Mental Health Practitioner
Midwife Apprentice
Midwife, Lay (Non-Nurse)
Mri Technologist
Mri/Radiographer Technologist
Naturopathic Doctor
Naturopathic Doctors
Naturopathic Physician
Non Licensed Owner Permits
Non-Certified Radiologic Technician
Non-Licensed/Non-Certified Psychotherapist
Non-Resident Contact Lens Dispenser
Non-Technical Service Worker
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Nurse Aide/Nursing Assistant
Nursing Home Administrator
Nursing Home Administrator Temporary
Nursing Related Professions
Nutrition Counselor
Nutritional Counseling
Occp. Therapist - Certificates To Administer Agents
Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapist Assistant
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Office Manager
Office Receptionist
Ophthalmic Dispenser
Optician Dispensing License
Optometrist And Ophthalmologist
Oriental Medicine Practitioner
Orthodontic Assistant
Orthotic Fitter
Orthotics/Prosthetics Fitter
Osteopathic Physician Resident (DO)
Other Health Care Practitioner- Community Health Educator
Other Health Care Practitioner-Health Educator
Other Multi-Level Long Term Care Facility Administrator
Paramedic Applicant
Pastoral Counselor
Personal Services Assist
Pharmacist In Charge
Pharmacist, Nuclear
Pharmacy Assistant/Technician
Pharmacy Consultant
Pharmacy Technician Candidate
Pharmacy Technician Trainee
Physical Therapist Assistant
Physical Therapy
Physician Assistant
Physician Assistant, Osteopathic
Physician Ce Instructor
Physician Controlled Substance
Physician Ems Instructor
Physician In Training
Physician Intern/Resident (MD)
Physician Resident (MD)
Podiatric Assistant
Podiatric Hygienist
Podiatric Limited Radiographer
Podiatric X-Ray Assistant
Podiatric X-Ray Operator
Poly - Tech
Polysomnographic Tech
Polysomnographic Technician
Polysomnographic Technician Applicant
Polysomnographic Technologist
Polysomnographic Technologists
Polysomnography Technician
Polysomnography Technologist
Polysomnography Trainee
Practitioner Controlled Substance
Professional Counselor Associate
Professional Counselor, Alcohol
Professional Counselor, Family/Marriage
Professional Counselor/Counselor, Mental Health
Provisional Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist
Provisional Licensed Massage Therapist
Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor
Provisional Psychologist
Provisional Speech-Language Pathologist
Psychiatric Technician
Psycho-Educational Specialist
Psychological Assistant, Associate, Examiner
Psychological Examiner
Psychological Technician
Psychologist, Clinical
Psychology Associate
Psychotherapist And Mental Health Practitioner
Radiation Therapy Technologist
Radiologic Technician
Radiologic Technician/Technologist
Radiologic Technologist
Radiological Technologist
Radiologist Assistant
Radiologist Assistants
Radiology Permit Holder
Reciprocity Applicant
Reflexologist Certification
Registered Certified Reflexologist
Registered Chemical Dependency Counselor Intern
Registered Chiropractic Assistant
Registered Chiropractic Asst
Registered Contact Lens Dispenser
Registered Dental Assistant
Registered Dispensing Optician
Registered Long-Term Care Nurse Aide
Registered Massage Practitioner
Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse
Registered Polysomnographic Technologist
Registered Psychotherapist
Registered Radiologist Assistant
Registered Spectacle Lens Dispenser
Registered Substance Abuse Counselor
Registered Surgical Assistant
Registered Surgical Technologist
Rehab Tech
Rehabilitation Therapist
Research Psychoanalyst
Researcher, Clinical
Resident Assistant
Resident Care Assistant
Resident Care Coord
Residential Care Administrator
Residential Care Facility Administrator
Residential Care Technician
Respiratory Care
Respiratory Care Practioner
Respiratory Care Practitioner
Respiratory Care Practitioner Critical Care
Respiratory Care Specialist
Respiratory Therapist
Respiratory Therapist Limited License
Respiratory Therapist Student Permit
Respiratory Therapy Technician
Respitory Care Practitioner
Retail And Wholesale Pharmacy
School Psychologist
School Psychologist-Limited
School Speech Pathologist
School Speech-Language Pathologist
Security Officer
Sex Offender Counselor
Sex Offender Treatment Provider
Sex Offender Treatment Provider Certification
Sign Language Interpreter
Slp Aide, Associate Or Assistant
Smoking Supervisor
Social Service Designee
Social Worker
Specialist Assistant
Speech Language Pathologist Assistant
Speech Language Pathology Assistant
Speech Pathologist
Speech Pathologist Assistant
Speech, Language And Hearing Practitioner - Speech Therapist
Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
Speech/Language Pathologist
Speech/Language Pathologist Licensed Assistant
Structural Integration Practitioner
Student Internship
Substance Abuse Associate
Substance Abuse Counselor
Substance Abuse Counselor In Training
Surgical Assistant
Surgical First Assistant
Surgical Technician
Surgical Technologist
Surgical Technologist Registration
Surgical Technologist/Assistant
Teacher Of The Hearing Impaired
Teachers Assistant
Technologists/Technician - Hemodialysis Technologist
Technologists/Technician - Histotechnician
Technologists/Technician - Histotechnologist
Technologists/Technician - Microscopist
Technologists/Technician - Respiratory Care Technician
Temporary Administrator
Temporary Medical Permit
Temporary Permit
Temporary Physician
Therapeutic Optometrist
Therapeutic Radiological Physicist
Transportation Driver
Uap/Technician/Medication Asst Iii
Ultrasound Technologist
Unlicensed Assistive Person
Unlicensed Assistive Person/Medication Assistant
Unlicensed Dental Practitioner
Unlicensed Individuals With Access To Contraolled Substances
Unlicensed Personnel
Unlicensed Practice - Dentistry
Unlicensed Practitioner
Van Driver
Visiting Resident
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Wholesale Drug Distributor
X-Ray Operator
X-Ray Technician Registration
X-Ray Technician or Operator