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Data Bank Administrator Training Webinar

The Data Bank Administrator Training Webinar was held on February 22, 2023.

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  1. What is the role of the Data Bank administrator (administrator)?
    The administrator manages NPDB activities and is responsible for creating and maintaining NPDB user accounts for all individuals in the organization who query or report. Each eligible entity is responsible for identifying administrator(s). Visit the Account Administration section of the NPDB website for more information.

  2. What is required before an administrator can create user accounts?
    The administrator must complete the formal online Administrator Training to gain the capability to create and to identity-proof user accounts. Access the module in the Account Administration section of the NPDB website.

  3. What is the process for creating a user account?
    Creating a user account is accomplished in three steps:
    1. the user submits a notarized request;
    2. identity proofing is performed; and
    3. the administrator approves the request.
    To begin the process, users must provide an unsigned NPDB User Registration document and photo identification to the administrator.

  4. How many administrators can an entity have for its hospital and also for its health system using a credentials verification organization (CVO)?
    The NPDB encourages registered entities to have more than one administrator. An individual can serve as administrator for a single hospital, health system, or multiple hospitals within the system. For example, having one individual from a hospital and a second individual from its CVO serve together is permitted.

  5. How do I become the new administrator, if I do not have a user account and the current administrator is no longer with the organization?
    Complete the registration process if your organization is already registered, but the administrator has left, and you don't have a user account. Having a backup administrator makes this process smoother. The NPDB reviews the submitted registration information to confirm the organization is registered and to verify the individual's affiliation. After completing its review, the NPDB sends an email containing instructions on how to access the organization's account as the new administrator.

  6. When a provider leaves a group, how is the user account removed?
    After logging in to your account, the administrator should navigate to the Administrator Options
    page and select Maintain User Accounts, where a list of user accounts is shown. Select the User ID of the provider leaving the group, then scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Delete User Account option. The NPDB website contains information about How to Maintain User Accounts and Passwords.

  7. How can I manage my NPDB password?
    NPDB currently requires that passwords are changed every 55 days. The temporary password feature, using a passcode received via a text message, is available even after the system password expires.

  8. If an organization that includes multiple hospitals has an internal CVO, can someone from the CVO serve as administrator?
    Yes. Individuals employed by that hospital system can serve as the administrator for multiple entities within the same hospital system or as the CVO.

  9. Can the administrator revise the username for a physician enrolled in continuous query?
    No. The username can only be changed by the individual who initially submitted the enrollment.

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