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Querying Webinar

The Querying Webinar was held on January 25, 2024.

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  1. How do I cancel individuals I have enrolled in Continuous Query?
    The entity Data Bank administrator can activate or deactivate Continuous Query enrollments for an organization. To do so, the administrator must sign into their account, select Administrator Options, then select Activate/Deactivate Continuous Query.

  2. What are the querying requirements for entities that work with staffing agencies?
    A health care entity can use an authorized agent or credentials verifying organization (CVO) for querying; the entity must be registered with the NPDB to receive the results of the query. The health care entity must authorize either an agent or the CVO to run the queries. In most cases, an authorized agent is an independent contractor used for centralized credentialing.

  3. Where can I find a list of all practitioners who have been queried by my organization?
    The Data Bank administrator can see a list in IQRS (Integrated Querying and Reporting Service), under Query Options, by selecting View Historical Queries and setting the timeframe.

  4. What is the subject database typically used for?
    The subject database is used to make querying and reporting faster by automatically pre-populating input forms with identifying information such as address, date of birth, and licensure data.

  5. What is the DCN?
    The NPDB assigns a unique Data Bank Control Number (DCN) for each report submitted. This number is used to locate the report within the NPDB system.

  6. When using Continuous Query, if no reports exist, is there a document available to demonstrate that we used the NPDB to monitor our practitioners?
    Yes. The Query Response proves monitoring the subjects listed, even if there are no reports. Enrollment Confirmations also prove monitoring. Depending on the software that you use, a PDF may be generated.

  7. Are registered entities authorized to share NPDB query responses with insurance companies?
    No. Sharing a query response with an entity or person that is not part of the querying health care entity's credentialing, investigation, or peer review process violates the confidentiality provisions of the NPDB, regardless of written consent from the practitioner.

  8. Can more than one person per organization run queries?
    Yes, more than one person may query on your NPDB account. Permissions are assigned by your Data Bank administrator. NPDB encourages registered entities to have more than one administrator.

  9. If I made a One-Time Query and lost the report, does that mean I am unable to retrieve the report again?
    Once you initially submit a query, the results are available for 45 days for you to print or save to your computer. However, historical query summaries are available when you need to search for specific organizations or individuals on which you previously queried.

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