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I am the administrator of my organization's account and I am leaving my organization. How do I create a new user account for my replacement?

  1. Sign into your account and select Administrator Options.
  2. Then select Maintain User Accounts.
  3. Select Create Account.
  4. Complete the User Account Request form.
    • Check the box next to "Administrator" to grant administrative roles to the new user.
  5. The new user will receive a link via email with instructions (the link will expire after 5 days).
  6. Once the user registration document is completed, you (the current administrator) will need to approve the registration document by signing back into your account and returning to the Maintain User Accounts page. Select the pending user ID and then select approve at the bottom of the page.
    Note: The generated PDF should not be sent to the NPDB. Please keep the document for your organization's records.
  7. Once the new administrator account is established and you are no longer with the organization, the new administrator must delete your account through Maintain User Accounts.

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