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I am the Data Bank administrator; how do I reset a password?

If you use multi-factor authentication, or MFA, to access the NPDB, you do not have an NPDB password and therefore you do not have an NPDB password to reset. For help signing in to your MFA account, go to ID.me exit icon and follow instructions there.

If you have not enabled MFA

Go to the Account Help page to unlock your account.

If you need to reset a user's password and the user account has not enabled MFA, follow the steps below to reset the NPDB password:

  1. Sign in.
  2. Select Administrator Options.
  3. Select Maintain User Accounts.
  4. Select the user account you wish to reset.
  5. Go to the bottom of the screen and select Reset NPDB Password. The reset button is not shown if the account is linked to use MFA. You can check the status in the user account details. An MFA confirmation message is displayed if the account is enabled to use MFA.

Note: A user account with a QRXS role assigned to it has a separate QRXS password. A QRXS password cannot be reset through the website. Learn about QRXS passwords.

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