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System Enhancements for Agents and Credentials Verification Organizations (CVOs)

The following enhancements will make the NPDB system easier to use for agents:

  • Upon signing in , you will no longer select a single entity to complete a task. Instead, you will be able to select entities as part of the submission process.
  • Your option pages will now show notifications across all of your entities.
  • Enhanced ability to view your initial responses and manage your enrollments across your entities.
  • Download all unviewed query responses and new Continuous Query disclosures for all entities with one click.
  • Accomplish your querying and reporting tasks for any number of your entities with a single sign in. There is no longer any need for agents to sign in and out multiple times.
  • The capability to quickly create multiple additional enrollments for an existing enrollment, even if it's been canceled.
  • Complete a new One-Time Query or Continuous Query enrollment for a practitioner on behalf of any number of your entities with one submission.

These changes and others like them are based on your feedback.