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How to View Electronic Notices of Action

Organizations that report medical malpractice payments, clinical privilege actions, and professional society actions to the NPDB are also required by law to notify state licensing boards of report submissions. The NPDB permits reporters to send an electronic version of the report to the appropriate state licensing board through the NPDB system if the state licensing board opts to receive electronic notifications.

State boards are notified via email when an electronic Notice of Action is ready to view.

How to Enroll in Electronic Report Forwarding

  1. Sign in as the Data Bank administrator.
  2. On the Select an Option page, select Administrator Options.
  3. Select Regulated Professions on the Administrator Options page.
  4. On the Regulated Professions page, verify the professions you regulate.
  5. Select the option allowing the NPDB to send you electronic report notices for regulated professions.
  6. You will receive an email when the NPDB system forwards the reports to you.

How to View an Electronic Notice of Action

  1. After you sign in, a new NPDB correspondence notice will appear, alerting you of the new report.
  2. Select Continue to be taken to the Select an Option page and then select Report Updates.
  3. Select the Report DCN on the Report Updates page to view new reports.
    Note: If you do not see the option to select Report Updates, select Reports and then Report Updates.
  4. Once the Notice of Action appears, confirm whether your state licensing board is (or has been) responsible for licensing or certifying the subject. Select Continue.
    Note: If the state licensing board indicates that they have never licensed or certified the subject, the reporter is notified that the legal obligation has not been fulfilled.
  5. On the Disclosure Notice page, select Continue to view the report.
  6. After you view the report, an email is sent to the reporter stating that the report has been viewed.
    Note: If the report has not been viewed within 7 days, an email is sent to the reporter, notifying them that they must send a copy of the final report to the state licensing board.