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How to Forward Reports Electronically

Electronic Report Forwarding allows reporting organizations to provide certain reports directly to the appropriate state licensing and certification authority (state licensing board) through the secure NPDB system. The reporter receives a notification when the state licensing board views the report, saving reporters time, enhancing data accuracy, and assisting organizations in fulfilling their reporting requirements.

As a reporting organization—who is required to submit malpractice payments, clinical privileges actions, or professional society actions to the NPDB and the appropriate state licensing board—it is your legal responsibility to make sure they have received the forwarded report.

To Forward Reports

  1. Sign in and enter your report information as usual. A list of state licensing boards enrolled in Electronic Report Forwarding will appear in the Certification section.
  2. Select the appropriate state licensing board and the option to authorize the NPDB to send an electronic report notice.*
  3. Receive an email from the NPDB when the state licensing board views the report.
  4. If the report hasn't been viewed within 7 days, you will get a notification from the NPDB to send a copy of the report directly to the state licensing board.

*If the appropriate state licensing board isn't listed, you will need to send a copy of the report to that board.