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State Board Compliance Overview

State Board Compliance Overview. Accesible plain text version below.

State Board Compliance Overview

Every 2 years all state licensing boards renew their registration with the NPDB. A subset of these boards are selected to participate in the NPDB compliance review process to assess the completeness and accuracy of reportable actions submitted.

Registration Renewal

State boards can renew their registration up to 60 days prior to their scheduled renewal date.

  1. Renew NPDB Registration
  2. Verify Regulated Professions
  3. Attest to Reporting Compliance

Board Selected for Compliance Review*

  • Receive potentially missing actions**
  • Reconcile actions by:
    • Submitting reports or data
    • Explaining why not reportable

Board Not Selected for Compliance Review

Continue submitting reportable actions to the NPDB

Results Posted

After NPDB review, the compliance and attestation results are shared publicly on the NPDB Compliance Map.


All reportable actions are submitted.


All required actions are submitted

Not Fully Compliant

At least 95% of reportable actions are submitted.

Could Not Attest

Cannot certify all required actions are submitted.


Reportable actions and/or data are not submitted.

Failed to Attest

Attestation not completed by due date.

* Compliance Review Methodology: https://www.npdb.hrsa.gov/resources/npdbstats/npdbMap.jsp

** An NPDB compliance officer may send a data request on actions taken

State Board Compliance Overview. Accesible plain text version below.