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State Licensing and Certification Agencies

The term state licensing and certification agency (state licensing boards) includes, but is not limited to, any authority of a state responsible for the licensing or certification of health care practitioners, health care entities, providers, or suppliers. These include state licensing boards and boards of medical examiners.

Compliance Review

All state licensing boards must complete a compliance review every two years as part of renewing their NPDB registration. There are four parts to this process:

  1. Renew their state licensing board's registration.
  2. Verify and update their list of regulated professions.
  3. Complete their attestation.
  4. Review their Compliance Summary Page - state licensing boards participating in adverse action comparison reviews will view additional task and timeline information related to their review activities.

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State licensing boards must register with the NPDB and report certain actions taken against health care practitioners, entities, providers, or suppliers to the NPDB. They report to the NPDB under the authority of Section 1921 and Section 1128E of the Social Security Act.


State licensing board and state medical boards or other state authorities that license health care practitioners may query the NPDB. Their authority to query is defined in Title IV of Public Law 99-660, Section 1921 of the Social Security Act, and Section 1128E of the Social Security Act.

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