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How to Interpret Your Self-Query Results

The Self-Query Response Cover Page

After the NPDB processes your Self-Query, your results will consist of a Self-Query Response Cover Page , followed by any matched reports. If you have no reports in the NPDB, your Self-Query Response Cover Page will say "No Reports" next to each of the 10 report types listed under Section C of the cover page, and below that, "No Reports Found."

If you have one or more reports in the NPDB, Section C of the Self-Query Response Cover Page will say "Yes, See Below" next to the report type. Directly below that, all available report(s) will be summarized, noting the name of the entity that took the action, the type of action taken, the basis for action, date of action, what the initial action was, and any subsequent revision reports.

In the example Self-Query report summary , there are three reports across two separate groups. The first has one report. The second grouping has two reports: an initial action and a subsequent action. The group with the most recent report will appear first. The reports will be listed in chronological order within a group.

The Report(s)

Following the Self-Query Response Cover Page, you will find all available report(s), if you have any in the NPDB. The report itself begins with the report header , which lists the name of the entity that took the action (in this case, the Virginia State Board); the action type (here, State Licensure Action); the Date of Action; the Basis for Initial Action; any subsequent actions (none are listed in this example); and any related reports (none are listed in this example), will also be included in your Self-Query response.

"END OF REPORT" indicates the end of the first report listed in Section C of the Self-Query Response Cover Page. On the pages that follow, the self-querier would find the remaining reports listed in Section C of their cover page (if there is more than one report listed). In this example, there are three reports . The first report is shown in the examples above; the other two reports would comprise the remainder of this example Self-Query response.