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Overview Submitting Reports to the NPDB Reporting Medical Malpractice Payments Reporting Adverse Clinical Privileges Actions Reporting Adverse Professional Society Membership Actions Reporting State Licensure and Certification Actions Reporting Federal Licensure and Certification Actions Reporting Peer Review Organization Negative Actions or Findings Reporting Private Accreditation Organization Negative Actions or Findings Reporting Exclusions from Participation in Federal or State Health Care Programs Reporting Federal or State Health Care-Related Criminal Convictions Reporting Health Care-Related Civil Judgments Reporting Other Adjudicated Actions or Decisions


Health care practitioners, entities, providers, and suppliers may query the NPDB regarding themselves at any time using the NPDB Self-Query service. Individuals may be able to use the NPDB's Self-Query service, which allows them to process and pay for the self-query online; otherwise, self-queriers should complete and print out a form provided through the Self-Query service, have it notarized, and mail it to the address indicated on the form. Individuals or organizations that do not have access to the internet may call the NPDB Customer Service Center for assistance. A fee will be charged for each Self-Query submitted. Refer to Billing and Fees on the NPDB website and Chapter G: Fees for details regarding the payment of NPDB fees.

The response received from a Self-Query belongs to the subject of the Self-Query. Various licensing, credentialing, and insuring entities may require a copy of a Self-Query as a condition of consideration for participation in their programs. Subjects may share the information contained in their own Self-Query responses with whomever they choose. (Note: A hospital is required by law to query the NPDB at certain times. A copy of a subject Self-Query does not satisfy a hospital's legal requirement to query the NPDB.)

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