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Compliance Update: State Licensing Boards Webcast

The Compliance Update: State Licensing Boards Webcast was held on July 20, 2021.

Event Materials: Presentation Slides (PDF - 1.67 MB)


  1. What are the reporting requirements for state boards?
    Information about state board reporting requirements is located in the NPDB Guidebook, Chapter E: Reports, Reporting State Licensure and Certification Actions (hrsa.gov). State licensing and certification authorities must report to the NPDB certain actions (referred to as state licensure and certification actions) taken against health care practitioners, entities, providers, or suppliers. The term state licensing and certification authority includes, but is not limited to, any authority of a state or political subdivision that is responsible for the licensing or certification of health care practitioners (or of peer review organizations or private accreditation entities reviewing the services provided by health care practitioners), health care entities, providers, or suppliers.

  2. Does the NPDB include medical board reports?
    Yes. The NPDB includes reports submitted by medical boards, in compliance with NPDB regulations.

  3. Does info on an action against a practitioner's license automatically transfer to the NPDB?
    No it doesn't automatically transfer. When a board takes an action, they must report it to the NPDB within 30 days. The NPDB has approximately 700 licensing boards and reporting agents that regularly submit reports. State boards are a very important source of reports. State boards can enter reports through the NPDB's secure website, through our machine-to-machine XML service, or via a reporting agent. More information can be found at https://www.npdb.hrsa.gov/helpCenter/report.jsp

  4. What should I do if my board is selected for a compliance review?
    Sign in to your account to check your Compliance Summary page. There are three possible messages: (1) you are 100% compliant already; (2) you have missing actions to review; or (3) you need to submit a list of actions taken during the review period so they can be matched to reports. The due date for your response is also included. If your board designated an agent to submit reports on your behalf, you must give the NPDB permission to work with your agent to respond to compliance actions.

  5. If we can only list a maximum of five causes for action in an NPDB report, should we only include those five in the summary?
    A properly coded adverse action report should clearly show the board's actions and the bases for them. Users can add multiple action codes, as well as multiple basis codes. The licensure action codes reflect the adverse actions the board administered to the licensee. A codes list is provided for all reporting entities to use in selecting the type of action taken and the basis for the action. When submitting a report, it is important that the most accurate codes are selected, and multiple codes can be selected if there are multiple reasons for the actions taken.

  6. How should board staff enter data on a practitioner if they do not have all of the identifiable information like the date of birth, school name, and graduation date?
    When submitting a report, complete as much information as possible for the individual. When reporting an action regarding an unlicensed individual, select "No License" on the licensure information screen and, for the Occupation/Field of Licensure, select the field of licensure claimed by the individual, or the appropriate field of licensure for the practice act (or similar law) that the individual violated.

  7. Where on your website can I find information about the webinar and the recording?
    The recorded webinar will be posted here, when available: https://www.npdb.hrsa.gov/community_n_education/outreachEvents.jsp.

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