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Identity Verification Help

The NPDB requires multi-factor authentication, or MFA, to sign in to NPDB user accounts. To meet current cyber security standards, the NPDB will also require all MFA accounts to be identity verified by July 25, 2024.

Identity verification is a process that verifies a person is who he or she claims to be. Identity verification protects you and your organization by preventing someone pretending to be you from accessing your user account. With identity verification, we verify that the MFA account you use to sign in to the NPDB belongs to you each time you sign in.

How to Verify Your Identity

If you use a PIV card or CAC for MFA, you have already completed identity verification.

If you have an ID.me account with MFA and have already verified your identity, you do not need to verify again; simply sign in to the NPDB using your ID.me account and consent to share your identity information.

If you already created an ID.me account and set up MFA, but have not verified your identity, you can do so now. ID.me offers several options for identity verification. The fastest option is "self-service," which can be completed in only a few minutes. To complete self-service, you need three items:

  1. A mobile phone that belongs to you and has a camera, or a computer with a webcam
  2. A government-issued photo ID (U.S. driver's license, state ID, U.S. passport, or U.S. passport card)
  3. Your Social Security Number

To complete identity verification using self-service, you must upload a photo of your identity document and then take a photo of yourself. ID.me validates your ID and compares it to the photo you took of yourself. Next, you will enter your Social Security number. ID.me displays a success message when your identity is verified.

After you verify your identity, you must agree to share the information with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the federal agency that operates the NPDB program.

Note: The NPDB does not share or store users' date of birth or Social Security Number.


  1. What is ID.me?
    ID.me is certified against federal standards to provide secure login and identity verification. ID.me provides a method for users to verify their identity and protect security with information systems, such as the NPDB. The ID.me secure digital identity network has over 100 million members with over 60,000 individuals joining daily, as well as partnerships with 30+ states, multiple federal agencies, and over 500 name brand retailers.
  2. How do I change the name on my user account?
    For account security, the NPDB compares the name you used for identity verification with your NPDB user account name. If the names are different, your NPDB user account name is changed to match the identity verification name. If your identity verification name is incorrect, you must correct it on your ID.me account or through your PIV card or CAC provider.
  3. Why is the NPDB requiring Identity Verification?

    The Federal government is committed to protecting your information and information held in the NPDB. We take this responsibility seriously.

    Identity verification helps protect you and your account from someone trying to impersonate you. Identity verification uses photos and videos to confirm you are who you say you are, which keeps your information secure.

    In most cases, you only need to verify your identity once for an ID.me account. You won't have to do it again unless your account is deleted, or you change the government-issued document you used for verification (e.g., replacement passport with a new number). In the future, we may ask you to reactivate your account if you do not sign in to the NPDB for 60 days. Reactivating your account is a simple process that does not require new identity verification.