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What are my options if I want to respond to a report?

There are two ways to respond to a report.

  1. Enter a statement.
    You, as the subject of a report, may add a subject statement to a report at any time. The subject statement becomes part of the report and remains with the report unless the subject edits or removes it. A subject of a report may modify or remove a subject statement at any time through the Report Response Service. The subject of the report does not have to dispute the report in order to add a subject statement.
  2. Dispute a report.
    You may dispute the report and enter the report into dispute status to disagree with either the factual accuracy of the report or whether the report was submitted in accordance with NPDB reporting requirements, including the eligibility of the entity to report the information to the NPDB. You may enter into, or remove a report from, dispute status at any time. Once a report is disputed, the reporting entity is notified. You must attempt to resolve the dispute with the reporting entity. If after 60 days you are unable to resolve the dispute with the reporting entity, you may elevate your report to Dispute Resolution. Only the reporting entity can change or remove a report from the NPDB.

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