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How to Dispute a Report

If you are the subject of a report and disagree with either the factual accuracy of the report or whether the report was submitted in accordance with NPDB reporting requirements, you may enter the report into Dispute Status. Before placing a report into Dispute Status, you should contact the reporting entity listed in Section A of the report to resolve the issue.

Entering the report into Dispute Status does not trigger a review of the report by the NPDB. When a report is in Dispute Status, the reporting entity can correct the report, void the report, or choose to leave the report unchanged. If after 60 days you have received no response from the reporting health care organization, or you are unsatisfied with the response you received, you can elevate the report to Dispute Resolution.

When you dispute a report, you may also add a statement to provide any additional information you would like included with the report. The statement can also be added separately without placing the report into dispute status. A statement must not include links (URLs) to websites, names of individuals, addresses, phone numbers, or any other confidential identifying information. If such information is discovered, the statement will be amended and the identifying information will be removed. Your statement and/or dispute will be disclosed to the reporter, all queriers who have received a copy of the report during the past three years, and included in future query responses.

To Dispute a Report

  1. On the NPDB homepage, select Check Your Report.
  2. On the Sign In with a Report Number page, enter your report number and password, then select Sign In.
    Note: If you are signing into your report for the first time, use the report number and password listed on the notification letter to sign in.
  3. Read the information on the Rules of Behavior page, check the box to acknowledge the rules, and then select Continue.
  4. On the Practitioner Identification page, enter your date of birth and/or your SSN/ITIN, and then select Continue.
  5. On the Report Response Options page, select Add a statement or dispute to this report.
  6. On the Subject Statement and Dispute Page, you can add a statement of up to 4,000 characters in the Subject Statement section. Check the box in the Dispute section to place the report in Dispute Status.
  7. Verify your information and update it if necessary. Complete the Certification Data (your name, title, and phone number) and submit.
  8. On the Subject Statement and Dispute Status page, select View Report to view a PDF version of the report that you can save for your records.
  9. Select Return to Report Response Options to view your Activity History or reply to an NPDB message.