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Can My Organization Query Infographic

Can My Organization Query Infographic. Accesible version below.

Can I Query The NPDB? What Do I Get?

To query the NPDB, your organization must be:

  • Eligible to query - Under the authority of the legislation and regulations underlying the NPDB policy
  • Registered with the NPDB - You must be signed into your NPDB account to submit a query.

Eligible Organizations include:

  • Hospitals (must query every 2 years)
  • Health centers
  • State licensing boards
  • Group medical practices
  • Ambulatory surgical centers
  • Health plans
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Other health care entities*

*May be qualified to registered and query according to the federal regulations.

A query results may include:

  • No reports
  • One report or more
  • Notification if there are future updates to report(s)
  • Notification if there are new reports for enrolled subjects (Continuous Query Only)

Practitioners and organizations can Self-Query the NPDB for their own information.

This image is a greyscale version of the Can My Organization Query Infographic for printing.