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One-Time Query

Submitting a One-Time Query will include all NPDB information on the queried practitioner or organization. You may query up to 1,000 practitioners and/or organizations at a time.

Alternately, you may use Continuous Query, which provides ongoing monitoring and alerts you to updates and new reports.

How to Get Started

First, verify that you are an eligible and registered organization. Then, go to the NPDB website, sign in, and select Query. Complete the query form. You may use the online instructions to guide you through the querying process.

What Happens Next

Once you submit a query, you will receive the official query response electronically in PDF format. The response will show all available NPDB report information. Your query response is only available for download or printing for 45 days from the process date.

Note: Corrections cannot be made to a One-Time Query.


The current fee for each query is $2.50 per queried practitioner or organization.