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How to Cancel a Continuous Query Enrollment

When a practitioner leaves your organization, you must cancel their enrollment in Continuous Query. Promptly cancelling the practitioner's enrollment will ensure that your organization does not receive any information it is not entitled to. Failure to cancel the enrollments of practitioners who have left your organization may result in NPDB penalties. Refunds are not issued for cancelled enrollments.

To Cancel an Enrollment

  1. Sign into the NPDB.
  2. On the Select an Option page, select Query.
    Note: If you are canceling an enrollment as an authorized agent organization, you will select the entity on whose behalf you wish to cancel the enrollment.
  3. On the Query Options page under Continuous Query Management, select Cancel Enrollment.
  4. On the Cancel Enrollments page, check the box next to each practitioner's name for enrollments you wish to cancel, then choose Select Subjects.
  5. The list of selected practitioner names is displayed the second box, select Continue.
  6. Complete the Submitter Certification page.