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How to Renew a Continuous Query Enrollment

To maintain the continuous querying of practitioners, you must renew your Continuous Query enrollments annually. You have the option to renew enrollments manually, or by automatic renewal. If you renew manually, you will receive a reminder email two months before the enrollments expire.

Note: Enrollments that are not renewed within one month of the expiration date are automatically canceled.

To Renew Manually

You can manually renew your Continuous Query enrollments by following these steps:

  1. Sign into the NPDB.
  2. Select Query on the Select an Option page.
  3. On the Query Options page, select Renew Enrollments.
    Note: Authorized agent organizations will renew enrollments by entity, not by individual practitioner.
  4. On the Renew Enrollments page, select the Renew link.
  5. Select the subjects you wish to renew from the Renew Enrolled Subjects page and select Continue.
    Note: You may also cancel subjects on this page.
  6. On the Review Cancellations tab, confirm any canceled subject and select Continue.
  7. On the Select Payment tab, specify your method of payment and select Continue.
  8. Finally on the Certify and Submit tab, complete the Certification information.

To Use Automatic Renewal

Only the Data Bank Administrator can enable automatic renewal, which will occur on the last day of the 12-month subscription period.

  1. Sign into the NPDB.
  2. Go to the Administrator Options page and select Continuous Query Options.
  3. Choose Automatic Renewal.
  4. Select Save.