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Why Choose Continuous Query?

Why Choose Continuous Query. Accesible plain text version below.

Why Choose Continuous Query

Receive report notifications an average of 10 months sooner using Continuous Query!

Continuous Query Process

  1. Enroll - Your entity decides to enroll a practitioner in Continuous Query.
  2. Receive - Once enrolled, you receive an initial query response, and 1 year of continuous monitoring.
  3. Monitor - You are automatically notified of any newly submitted reports on your practitioner.
  4. Manage - You can update your practitioner's identifying information as needed and cancel their enrollment at any time.
  5. Renew - When your practitioner applies for medical staff appointment or clinical privileges, you do not have to submit a One-Time Query.

Fast Facts

  • No more One-Time Queries needed
  • Accreditation organization approved
  • Meets hospitals' querying requirements

Continuous Query vs. One-Time Query Table

Features Continuous Query One-Time Query
$2.50 processing fee Yes Yes
Accepted by accreditation organizations and meets hospitals' querying requirements Yes Yes
Provides an initial query response Yes Yes
Compatible with credentialing software Yes Yes
Edit and update practitioner's identifying information Yes No
Notifies you when the NPDB receives new reports on your enrolled practitioners Yes No
Retrieve an updated query response at any time Yes No
Stores query responses for more than 45 days Yes No
Provides a monthly summary of all reports received on your enrolled practitioners Yes No
Renew continuous monitoring for re-credentialing Yes No
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