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Overview Submitting Reports to the NPDB Reporting Medical Malpractice Payments Reporting Adverse Clinical Privileges Actions Reporting Adverse Professional Society Membership Actions Reporting State Licensure and Certification Actions Reporting Federal Licensure and Certification Actions Reporting Peer Review Organization Negative Actions or Findings Reporting Private Accreditation Organizations Negative Actions or Findings Reporting Exclusions from Participation in Federal and State Health Care Programs Reporting Federal or State Health Care-Related Criminal Convictions Reporting Health Care-Related Civil Judgments Reporting Other Adjudicated Actions or Decisions

Authorized Agents

Eligible entities may elect to use authorized agents to query and/or report to the NPDB on their behalf. An eligible entity may choose to have the query charge assessed either to its preauthorized EFT account or its agent's preauthorized EFT account. Another option is for the eligible entity to pay for the query using its own credit or debit card, or for the authorized agent to use its credit or debit card.

When an eligible entity designates an authorized agent to query on its behalf, the eligible entity ultimately is responsible for the payment of query fees incurred by its authorized agent. This includes any outstanding balances for unpaid queries. Written agreements with authorized agents should include procedures for the payment of query fees.

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