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Overview Submitting Reports to the NPDB Reporting Medical Malpractice Payments Reporting Adverse Clinical Privileges Actions Reporting Adverse Professional Society Membership Actions Reporting State Licensure and Certification Actions Reporting Federal Licensure and Certification Actions Reporting Peer Review Organization Negative Actions or Findings Reporting Private Accreditation Organizations Negative Actions or Findings Reporting Exclusions from Participation in Federal and State Health Care Programs Reporting Federal or State Health Care-Related Criminal Convictions Reporting Health Care-Related Civil Judgments Reporting Other Adjudicated Actions or Decisions

Q&A: Reporting Clinical Privileges Actions

  1. A physician is denied panel membership because a peer review committee determined that the physician had too many malpractice settlements. Is this denial of membership reportable to the NPDB?

    It depends. A reporting entity must report a physician's denial of panel membership based on too many malpractice settlements if the peer review committee determines that the malpractice settlements relate to the competence or conduct of the physician.

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